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About SonicAngel

What is SonicAngel?

We believe there is a unique opportunity to shape the music industry for emerging artists by involving fans in every step of the music process!

How are fans involved?

Fans can vote and share the music in our audition platform. The top ranked bands can earn a record deal, based on the votes of their fans, their talent and their attitude. Fans can support their favorite artists via exclusive perks, limited edition goods or SonicAngel FanShares. FanShares cost 10 EUR/14 USD, give a right to a full download of the album + some perks (invite for the release party/streaming/meet&greets) + a share of the profit of the album sales. 1/3 of the profit of the album is shared with the fan, the rest is evenly split between the band and the label. If for whatever reason the artists cannot get the total amount of money together, every fan gets his or her money back! Fans can follow the production process, and sometimes even participate, remix or feature in a video clip! We want the fans to be part of the entire experience. Fans are the first to receive the album before anyone else.

How can I get started?

If you're a fan:
you can support any of our artists currently in funding via fanshares or exclusive goods you can go on a discovery tour and vote for your favorite bands on our audition platform

If you're a band:
you can enroll on our audition platform, grow your fan base and earn a SonicAngel record deal.

Each artist will present his project, music, video or photo in a unique way. We think there are some amazing artists out there. From dance tot pop/rock, from singer songwriters to electro music – our ambition is to release outstanding music, powered by the fans!

Welcome to SonicAngel!

Support & Fund

Singer / Songwriter
65% / $32.200
Epic Lane
Electronic / Pop
8% / $16.800
Singer / Songwriter
100% Funded
Pop / Rock
100% Funded
100% Funded
Pop / Rock
100% Funded